Asian Pears: Not a Bad Way to End the Summer

Nobody says entrepreneurial life will be easy and I particularly live between two worlds. Most of the time I’m lost in translation, and believe me it's challenging, but I don’t let it stop me. For that reason, I’m a faithful believer in two things which are extremely helpful for busy people like me:

The first is location and the second convenience, so most of my daily decisions are based on these two factors. Living in Downtown DC is almost like living in midtown Manhattan and we have a walkability Score of 93. We can do it all downtown, without needing to travel more than a few blocks. We can go shopping, enjoy jazz venues, dining, theaters, cinema, museums, dry cleaning, we have bike lanes, and much more.

This year we joined the Freshfarm Market Share so we have delightful fruits and vegetables from farmers in the mid-Atlantic region delivered right to our front desk each week for the entire summer. Another convenience of getting the farm share is the opportunity to try new things, and last week they shared Asian Pears which are delicious, juicy, sweet, and they look like apples but taste like pears. According to Meg Campbell, “we’ll get more fiber and potassium while consuming fewer calories and less sugar! And Superfoods consider them one of The Healthiest Foods on the Planet.”

This week we got okra and I’ll prepare something for dinner and will share some pics with you. Hope they are as photogenic as the Asian Pears!


Las Recetas de Nini