Green Hat Hot! Gin with Inspiration

Green Hat Gin is a fine product Made in DC by two gentlemen, John Uselton and Michael Lowe, in their New Columbia Distillers. They have been crafting this fine gin since 2012 and have caught the eye of fine drink connoisseurs. These two gentlemen got inspired by a very interesting period in modern America; the Prohibition. Interesting John Uselton says that their inspiration was George Cassiday, also known as the ‘Man in the Green Hat.’ Cassiday was a bootlegger during the Prohibition. His chief clients were none other than the American lawmakers. He started off with an office in the basement of Congress in 1920 but soon got caught. He moved on to the Senate office building where he plied his wet trade until 1930 before getting caught again. Cassiday detailed the hypocrisy of the Prohibition, in an expose of his trade. This largely influenced the repeal of the Prohibition in 1934. The press nicknamed Cassiday ‘The Man in the Green Hat.’ Uselton says this was an inspiring story and they decided to name their gin after him. The first pack of Green Hat Gin was given to Cassiday’s relatives. Hand Crafted Uselton says that he and his partner have a background of being hands-on men. Uselton has been a mechanic for the navy and also a restaurateur. Lowe has more intricate knowledge of brewing. Green Hat gin is crafted with flavors from the finest herbs and seeds from Virginia. The gin is made with the highest quality winter wheat and triple distilled. The spirit vapors are passed through juniper, citrus and coriander spices. The final product is a smooth fresh scented product which is bottled by hand. Uselton is a common sight in the streets of Ivy City, with a pack of Green Hat gin on his Raleigh bicycle. He ‘rescued’ the Raleigh and handcrafted it again for his commute. Hot Nights The hot nights of the summer are gone. You can bring the heat back with a number of cocktails made with Green Hat gin. Mix up cocktails like the Rickey, Fresh Gimlet and Pegu club. You can also opt for signature cocktails like the White Negroni, Cuore, Blue Bonnet and the Fascinator. Seasonal gin cocktails you can mix up include Cyn Cin, Ginavit 75, Martinez and the Nordic Lady. Drink Up ‘Every man has his vice.’ That is the slogan for Green Hat gin. This smooth, fine smelling gin will certainly have you drinking up to kick away the chills of fall and winter.


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