How To Throw A Halloween Party

Ah, yes. Tricks, treats, ghosts and goblins. They all add up to spooky fun for everyone. But what if you wanted to host your own Halloween Party? It’s not hard to do if you have the right stuff to pull it off. Here’s a quick list of things to do in order to keep everyone on their toes and watching their backs once they get into the front yard.

1 – Pick A Theme

Sure, you’re probably already rolling your eyes. It’s supposed to be a Halloween Party…isn’t that a good enough theme? Sure. Maybe. But if your party is for adults, kids, on campus or a fundraiser you are going to want to personalize it to the kind of demographic you are trying to attract. Popular themes include The Pirate Party (Rrrrrr!) and any kind of theme that involves dressing up and getting silly like a Superhero Party. On the other end of the scale you could just go scary with The Elvis Party. C’mon, a room full of Elvis’ is gonna be scary.

2 – Food Choices

Here’s where your theme will have to match the food or is it the other way around? Regardless, finger foods win every time. Hmmm. It just occurred to us that the term ‘finger foods’ must have originated at a Halloween Party. There are oodles of spooky, scary and frightful foods you can whip up to look like brains, goop, spiders and just about any kind of creature or creepy crawly you can come up with. All you need to do is Google ‘Halloween food ideas’ and your computer will be devoured by such fare.

3 – Decorations

Again, your party theme will be your guide. For example, if you went with a Pirate Party theme (Rrrrr!) you should have the house and yard decked out (ha-ha, cheap pirate joke) to match the whole shipwrecked or hijacked concept. Naturally you won’t be able to throw all this together in a single afternoon, but that’s what the neighborhood swabs are for. Enlist a few of them and the job will be a lot less work on you. The scary part is that you will be able to get it all done in time for the first wave of guests or trick or treaters.

4 – Tricks

What’s the point in hosting a Halloween Party if you don’t have a few tricks up your sleeve? Nothing says Halloween House Party From Hell any better than something that results in the spurting of a high volume of fake blood. Again, for inspiration visit the internet or the local playschool during lunchtime or even better yet, zip by the local ER for some real life ideas that you just can’t fake without the participation of at least two others who are in on the gag. The best Halloween tricks are the ones where you get everyone off guard.

Fright Night Extras

Don’t forget to add spooky music, some classic slasher videos and bowls of candy, popcorn, peanuts and just about anything else that can keep everyone occupied and wired tight enough to jump out of their skin the moment someone yells “Boo!” Have fun and remember, if you get in trouble, you didn’t see anything on this website that could be traced back to your prank, mishap or dumb idea. Happy Halloween!

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