Top 5 Reasons To Eat Seafood

October was National Seafood Month. There’s a reason why a whole month is designated to celebrate the wonders of the sea instead of a single day holiday. That’s because there’s so much more to seafood than meets the eye.

I just recently moved to a part of the metro Washington, DC area. That in itself it subject matter for several other blog posts, but I digress.

In this wonderful slice of renovated industrial architecture happens to be a bit of seafood heaven. It goes by the name of Ivy City Smokehouse and you need to step inside this place. I would stake my reputation on the fact that IC must have the freshest seafood in the city. It’s thanks to all that concentrated omega-3 fatty acid I can load up on with my fish fetish that I present to you my Top 5 Reasons For Eating Seafood.

1 – Low-Cal Protein, Baby!

Hey, I’m watching my waist just like everyone else leading up to Christmas. I know I’m going to fall off of my strict dietary book of rules a time or ten over the holidays. However, if the see-food diet I end up adopting actually contains healthy portions of the food that came from the sea, I’m going to do rather well. The protein packed goodness of seafood contains fewer calories and is filling. Try saying that about a bag of goldfish crackers.

2 – Helps With Fetal Development

Pregnant women, unite! Fish is good for you. In fact, the FDA says that it’s lower in mercury and does your baby good while it is still treading water inside of you. The FDA top picks are cod, clams, crab, catfish, tilapia, tuna, pollock, shrimp and salmon. Sounds like yesterday’s Ivy City Smokehouse shopping list.

3 – Omega-3’s, Baby!

Hey, I’ll be the first to say that I’m not all that keen on stuffing fatty acids into my bod. However, if it’s the omega-3 variety that comes from seafood, I’m all over it like a lobster trap. The key here is that the healthy fats that come from fish help to fight cardiovascular disease. That alone makes me crave a handful of oysters.

4 – Easy To Prepare

If you happen to live in the ‘heat-and-eat’ world of meal preparation, you really need to give seafood another look. That’s because you can do so many different things with it. Plus, even a simple fish dish (say that five times quickly) can be zipped up fast and affordably. I learned that one at IC. Just lather a dozen oysters with butter and Parmesan cheese then broil in the oven. You can thank me later.

5 – Alphabet Vitamins

Build strong bones, keep your eyes and skin healthy and a lot more with the vitamins that come from seafood. There’s A, B12, C and D that come readily from a dose of fish. Remember, you get better benefits when the fish is fresh and now that I have daily access to the freshest fish this side of the White House, I’ll be swimming in healthy meals for the rest of my days.

The seafood at Ivy City Smokehouse is so fresh the swordfish melts in your mouth and the oysters taste like jumping in the ocean! Call Daniel Greenbaum at 202.715.1174 to ask about today’s catch.

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