Cookies for Santa

We’ve all heard it. We’ve probably all sang about it already at least once this holiday season. Santa Claus is a jolly fellow with a belly that jiggles like a bowl of jelly. But the real problem comes from that one night a year when he blazes around the world delivering toys and presents to everyone. It is not easy for him to turn down a plate full of cookies at each of his stops, but this Christmas will be different, he has to kick the habit of eating everywhere he goes. Don't miss my new article about photography for entrepreneurs with the best food photography in Washington DC and follow me on

He has been working out since January and has since managed to curb his appetite when it comes to your basic plateful of chocolate chip or peanut butter cookies. He even has the willpower to pass on glasses of milk. But you still have an opportunity to get the jolly old elf to sample your treats. Here is a valuable tip to help you capture Santa’s attention when he stops by your house this December.

Bake Something Special for Him

Santa’s little helpers have conditioned him to sidestep, ignore and otherwise pass on the usual kind of baked goods left out Christmas Eve. Your best bet to break through is to conjure up something really good that warms his heart. Decadent, visually appealing cookies, snacks, drinks and treats are the way to go. Unusual recipes where artistic flare plays as much of a role in the creation of the food as the ingredients often win. So, if you are a real smart cookie in the kitchen, you will be able to get Santa’s attention with a delicious plateful of treats for both his eyes and belly.

The key to getting Santa to slow down and enjoy your special treats when he is on his calls is simple to execute once you know how, once it happens, you will be listed on the “nice” side of the naughty or nice book from this point forward. Also, the longer Santa spends inside your home, the more stuff that will be left behind under your tree. Some call it bribery. We call it keeping the tradition alive.

Happy baking and happy everything this holiday season!

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