Bone Broth Sauces from Brainy Belly

Brainy Belly is a small but mighty business whose specialty is bone broth, and it started because the owner broke her stomach! Probably most people don’t know that such a thing is possible. What matters is that she was forced into healthy eating habits, which has been a positive thing in the long term. Janalee Redmond, the founder of Brainy Belly can claim she is living a healthy life and the bone broth was the key to her healing process.

After learning some about bone broth, you realize it’s wonderful stuff. It has a large list of benefits for your health that include healthier skin, joints, and a boost in the immune system, and many are saying it has some rejuvenating benefits.

Brainy Belly is expanding their product line. They have been producing soups, and beef and chicken broth with all kinds of goodies in there, and recently they started to make sauces. They started with three flavors: Lemon Thyme, Onion Butter and Mushroom. They’re pretty practical; so far I’ve used the lemon thyme sauce for a couple of dishes. I found it tastes particularly good on chicken and pork, and it also makes a great combination with veggies.

If you’ve tried their broths and soups you already know they work with the best quality ingredients and you can order them online, but the new sauces are only available locally at Yes Organic Market in Adams Morgan and in both Union Kitchen grocery stores.

Eating, in general, makes me happy. But if I can enjoy a meal while doing my body a favor with the right food, I enjoy it twice as much. Brainy Belly gives me the opportunity to do so with their fully organic products, and so far I’m having trouble trying not to put their lemon thyme sauce on everything.

To get on the road of a healthy lifestyle you must follow the street of healthy eating habits. You can’t get there if you don’t care about what you eat. The Brainy Belly products will help to give you the first step in the right direction, and it will make you enjoy it, because eating healthy doesn’t mean eating tasteless food! I personally enjoy a lot of delicious things on the healthy side, the bone broth soup and that incredibly soft and flavorful lemon thyme sauce, for example. Seriously, the only bad thing about this sauce is that it runs out.

Check out the Podcast from Modern Bar Cart interviewing Janalee Redmond Brainy Belly founder.

Stay healthy!

Originally posted in February 2018 and edited 11/28/18

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